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Drug Testing Services, MRO, Paperless COC, Nationwide

Drug Testing Services

In partnership with eScreen, Coeus Global provides
Same Day Negative Drug Testing Results!

eScreen automated drugs of abuse screening technology revolutionizes nationwide drug testing and reporting.

eScreen has an electronic network of occupational clinics that provide automated screening and negative error-free results within 15 minutes across the United States. It is the national electronic solution to instantaneous drug screening and result reporting.

How It Works

Specimen Collection and On-Site Testing: Specimens are collected and sealed in eScreen's proprietary collection cup, eCup, and placed in its digital electronic reader, eReader, which produces instant non-regulated test results as reliable as laboratory screening. There is no human interpretation or transcription of the result, and automated processes ensure every electronic test or event is treated exactly the same. Reports, statistics and data are transferred electronically by software-driven protocols. All former manual processes for collecting, processing and reporting of drug screening are automated.

eScreen Advantages

Chain of Custody Automation: A bar code reader reads all standard chain of custody forms. eScreen utilizes an electronic CCF form for eCup and non-regulated lab based tests, and includes a signature pad which records collector and patient signatures.

Quick Turnaround: Error-free negative results reported in less than 15 minutes from anywhere in the U.S. Non-negative specimen samples are sent to a SAMHSA certified lab for confirmation.

Easy Access:
Coeus Global provides online results from eScreen facilities throughout the nation.

Legality/Confidentiality Assured:
eScreen automated screening is completely confidential and creates a repeatable electronic event. Results are electronically stored and reported.

Drug Screening Service Types

Urine Based 5 & 10 Panel Drug Screening*

Oral Fluid Based Drug Screening*

Medical Review Officer (MRO) Service Available

Paperless Chain of Custody (CCF) Process

eCup Instrumented Rapid 5-panel Screen

*Urine based and oral fluid testing is available in both
off-site collected and instant testing options.

Please call (866) 765-0592 or email for a no obligation evaluation of your current process and future needs.

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