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Washington Nonprofits Background Screening Portal


National Council of Nonprofits Safety Initiative - Washington

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In partnership with Washington Nonprofits, Coeus Global is proud to introduce the

National Council of Nonprofits' Safety Initiative

offering Background Screening and Risk Management Services for Nonprofits

In today’s world, careful screening of paid staff and volunteers is required to protect your nonprofit’s people, programs and good will in the community. Choosing the right partner to conduct screening services can mean the difference between a safe and secure environment, and serious risks to your nonprofit. Protect your nonprofit’s valuable reputation and also ensure that vulnerable people are not put at risk because your nonprofit failed to conduct routine screening of applicants or existing staff/volunteers.

The customized services provided by Coeus Global will allow your nonprofit to effectively conduct screenings of paid staff and volunteers, track your applicants’ background checks, and make the best decisions about who to hire/engage. Through its partnership with the National Council of Nonprofits, State Associations and their member organizations can benefit from the lowest background checking and screening costs and highest quality of services for nonprofits in the nation.

about Washington Nonprofits

The mission of Washington Nonprofits is to build a strong, collaborative network of nonprofits serving Washington communities through advocacy, education and capacity building.

As the state association for all nonprofits, Washington Nonprofits makes sure nonprofits have what they need to succeed. We help you learn, increase your influence, and connect to people and resources. Our goal is to revolutionize nonprofits’ place in the world.


Volunteer and Staff Background Screening
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fully FCRA compliant

lowest pricing in the USA

secure, fast & easy online ordering

Provide community and volunteer protection

Protect your organization's
valuable reputation

National discount pricing with savings up to 60%

Ensure that your program provides your members
with the highest level of safety from predators

EXCLUSIVE! Volunteer Donation Option


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Volunteer and staff background checks

Industry leading program is custom designed to provide background screening on all volunteers and staff while offering ease of use and cost effectiveness

Free risk management services
Reduce liability exposure and protect your organizations valuable reputation in the community

Free compliance consulting
Ensure that Federal & State compliance laws are followed by dealing with our subject matter experts

Program participant protection
Provide a safe and secure experience for all who participate and benefit from your programs

Volunteer program protection
Provide a safe and secure experience for those who give their time selflessly to your program

Lowest pricing in the nation

Our nationwide network allows us to offer national discount prices to programs of all sizes. Whether you are a single entity or a nationwide network of affiliated programs, Coeus Global can provide you with the highest quality services at the lowest price points in the nation

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