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Columbians Drum & Bugle Corps - Background Screening Portal


Columbians Drum and Bugle Corps - Background Screening Portal

About Us

The Columbians Drum Corps is doing something that’s rarely done in drum corps: resurrecting the past and rewriting history!

The original Tri-City Columbians Drum and Bugle Corps was a classic-style junior drum and bugle corps that existed locally from 1955 to 1975. Since 1975, there has been no modern drum corps to represent the Columbia Basin – an absence of more than 35 years!

Background Screening Requirement

In order to be a volunteer or employee with Columbians Drum Corps, an organization affiliated with the National Council of Nonprofits or one of their State Associations, each candidate is required to have a criminal background check completed prior to begining their service.

Columbians Drum Corps, as a nonprofit organization, typically incurs the cost of all background checks conducted on our volunteers.

If you would like to help us dedicate more of our limited funds to supporting our mission, please consider paying for your volunteer or contractor/vendor/partner background check via your personal credit card (speak with your Columbians Drum Corps administrator if you have any questions).

By purchasing your volunteer background check yourself, you will help us provide additional services to those in need.

We are grateful for the support of our volunteers and appreciate your consideration of this offer.

By selecting the appropriate position classification from the list below,
you will ensure that the appropriate type of background check is conducted on your behalf.

Please select the position type for which you are requesting this background check.

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