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Agia Sophia Academy - Background Screening Portal


Agia Sophia Academy - Background Screening Portal

Welcome to Agia Sophia Academy

Our mission is to educate the whole child by providing a rich academic and arts curriculum, grounded in Orthodox Christian values, while fostering love of learning, personal responsibility and respect for each person.

Background Screening Requirement

It is the policy of Agia Sophia Academy, that the safety and wellbeing of our students be of utmost importance. To that end, we require all volunteers & employees spending time on campus to submit to a background check once every 3 years.

Agia Sophia Academy, as a nonprofit organization, typically incurs the cost of all background checks conducted on our volunteers.

If you would like to help us dedicate more of our limited funds to supporting our mission, please consider paying for your volunteer background check via your personal credit card (speak with your Agia Sophia Academy administrator if you have any questions).

We are grateful for the support of our volunteers and appreciate your consideration of this offer.

Please complete your background check at least five (5) business days before volunteering.

By selecting the appropriate link from the list below, you will ensure
that the correct type of background check is conducted on your behalf.

Please select the appropriate link below to begin your background check order

I am a volunteer requiring a background check and would like to pay for it myself
*A charge of $16.95 from Coeus Global LLC will appear on your credit card statement

I am a volunteer or school employee requiring a background check and Agia Sophia Academy will cover the cost

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