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Pajama Program Background Screening Portal


Pajama Program - Background Screening Portal

Our Mission

Pajama Program is a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that promotes and supports a comforting bedtime routine and healthy sleep for children to help them thrive. Since 2001, Pajama Program has delivered over 7 million good nights for good days to children facing adversity by providing new pajamas, storybooks, and resources for caregivers. In 2020, Pajama Program enhanced its services by assuming the programs and staff of Sweet Dreamzzz, Inc., a nonprofit widely recognized for its evidence-based sleep health education. Pajama Program offers bedtime resources and sleep education nationwide, as well as through local programs in New York City, Atlanta, and metro-Detroit. To achieve its mission, Pajama Program relies on a national network of volunteers, generous donors, and partnerships with 4,000 community-based organizations across the United States, including Puerto Rico.

Background Screening Requirement

To be a volunteer or employee with Pajama Program, each candidate is required to complete and pass a criminal background check prior to beginning their service.

Pajama Program, as a nonprofit organization, typically incurs the cost of all background checks conducted on our volunteers.

If you would like to help us dedicate more of our limited funds to supporting our mission, please consider paying for your volunteer background check via your personal credit card.

By purchasing your volunteer background check yourself, you will help us provide additional services to those in need.

Reach out to a Pajama Program staff member with any questions.

We are grateful for the support of our volunteers and appreciate your consideration of this offer.

By selecting the appropriate link from the list below, you will ensure
that the correct type of background check is conducted on your behalf.

Please select from the options below to begin your order

I am a candidate to volunteer and will pay for my background check using my personal credit card
*A charge of $6.95 from Coeus Global LLC will appear on your credit card statement

I am a candidate to volunteer and will have Pajama Program pay for my background check

I am an applicant for employment

I am an Pajama Program / Contractor / Vendor / Partner
*A charge of $6.95 from Coeus Global LLC will appear on your credit card statement

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