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Bismarck Global Neighbors - Background Screening Portal


Bismarck Global Neighbors - Background Screening Portal

About Us

Bismark Global Neighbors seeks to make a welcoming community for New Americans in central North Dakota. We believe that extending welcome to our new neighbors is the best way to grow new generations of compassionate, successful, community-minded Americans.

Criminal Background Screening Requirement

In order to be a volunteer at Bismark Global Neighbors, each candidate is required to have a criminal background check completed prior to the beginning of their service.

Please speak with your Bismark Global Neighbors representive should you have any questions regarding this requirement.

A credit or debit card will be required to complete your order

The results of your completed background check will be made available to Bismark Global Neighbors upon completion.

By selecting the link in the section below, you will ensure
that the correct background check is conducted on your behalf.

Select the link below to begin your order

I am a candidate to volunteer
*A charge of $31.95 from Coeus Global LLC will appear on your credit card statement

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