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Precious Children's Mobile Mission Volunteer Background Screening


Precious Children's Mobile Mission - Position Classification

Welcome to Precious Children's Mobile Mission

We believe that all children need to know they are special and gifted. They need to hear affirmations. They need to participate in activities that teach them about finances at an early age so they will not develop a mindset of poverty which is prevalent in our society. This can be done through programs on laptop computers and games designed to target financial concepts that children can grasp.


Precious Children’s Mobile Mission has been birthed out of a passion to reach out to children who need additional support during their formative years with respect to character training and the application of these principles in their everyday lives.

The children, many of whom are disadvantaged or come from low-income homes, receive help in learning how to interact with their world with confidence, instilling in them the courage to dream, to believe and to achieve.

Our mission is organized to focus on educating children of all cultures in two important life-lessons:

(1) Character development for social success and (2) Financial knowledge for money management success, utilizing computer training, Biblical principles and activities that reinforce concepts presented.

Background Screening Requirement

Precious Children's Mobile Mission, as a nonprofit organization, typically incures the cost of all background checks conducted on our volunteers.

If you would like to help us dedicate more of our limited funds to supporting our mission, please consider paying for your volunteer or contractor background check via your personal credit card* (speak with your Precious Children's Mobile Mission administrator if you have any questions).

By purchasing your background check yourself, you will help us provide additional services to those in need.

We are grateful for the support of our volunteers and appreciate your consideration of this offer.

By selecting the appropriate link from the list below, you will ensure that the appropriate type of background check is conducted on your behalf.

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